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World Hydrogen 2023 Summit & Exhibition

Demaco will again participate in this year’s World Hydrogen Summit & Exhibition from 9 to 11 May in Ahoy Rotterdam – twice as big as …

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filling stations

Eight advantages of a liquid nitrogen filling station

Hospitals, pharmaceutical laboratories, research sites, and universities. In almost every location where multiple people or departments use liquid nitrogen, a liquid nitrogen filling station is available. What …

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The cryosauna: functioning, application, and infrastructure

A real hype in the wellness scene and a popular treatment for athletes. Cryotherapy utilizing a so-called cryosauna has become increasingly popular in recent years. …

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Lyophilization in the pharmaceutical industry

Lyophilization, also known as freeze-drying, plays an essential role in the pharmaceutical industry. This industry has been using freeze-drying techniques for many years to extend …

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tunnel freezer

The benefits and applications of a tunnel freezer

What is a tunnel freezer, and why is this cryogenic application so popular? In our recent blogs, we’ve talked about cryogenic applications in general and …

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cryogenic freezer 1

The cryogenic freezer: installation and design specifications

Tunnel freezers, dry freezers, cooling trays, and spiral freezers. Cryogenic freezers come in all shapes and sizes, with their specific advantages, disadvantages, and design specifications. …

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