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Providing cryogenic turn-key solutions

Demaco offers turnkey solutions to your customers. We are there from the very first concept, offering support from the initial conceptual sketch, detailed planning, engineering, manufacturing, delivery, assembly, supervision, commissioning to maintenance and all necessary documentation. We keep an eye on the entire project and provide the solution that is most beneficial to our client. As Demaco is in control of the complete project, the customer can fully concentrate on his own specialisation.

Our turnkey solutions result in minimal time spent on a project as they automatically eliminate the need for clarifications, confirmations and approvals between the various subcontractors. We also enjoy working on projects where our cryogenic knowledge and out-of-the-box thinking are in demand, if not required.

Would you like to outsource only part of the process to us? No problem too; our services are customizable, and we engage in a short-term job with just as much passion as we do into a long-term project.
Demaco currently provides the following cryogenic services:



Demaco regularly accepts (pre-)engineering assignments in which a specific cryogenic application’s technical requirements are formulated in consultation with the client. Together with the client, we then devise the best solutions and set up a roadmap for engineering the cryogenic process that follows.
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Every project starts with the design. Demaco is involved in the entire design process, from establishing the technical specifications up to and including accepting the blueprints: the Final Design Approval.

A design can be created in various ways. Based on an on-site measurement or based on an outline sent by the customer. Plans based on 3D models became increasingly fashionable in recent years.

The measuring process forms the basis for a good design and a successful project. Adequate diligence during this phase is therefore essential.



Engineering is probably our most vital service. To stay ahead in the cryogenic field, we need a team of engineers who are well up to speed with the latest possibilities, developments, and the very high demands that come with this specialist field. We are fortunate to work with a team of highly experienced engineers at Demaco.

We deliver the highest quality infrastructures while also factoring in economic justification, environmental factors, strict safety requirements, financial aspects, professional innovations, possible connection to ancillary projects, and all the other important factors for delivering the high-quality Demaco stands for.



Many of our clients work with preferred suppliers for various components for their projects, for example, tanks, compressors, valves, or pumps. Demaco is happy to support and endorse customer’s preferences and is more than willing to work with any components manufacturer as long as the technical requirements are met. Demaco also regularly designs cryogenic infrastructures that integrate with the client’s existing subsystems as well as we use components supplied by our clients.


Anything we advise and engineer, we can produce. All our cryogenic infrastructures are carefully manufactured and prepped for delivery in our main factory.

All employees in the production department are more than prepared for their jobs and have one or more diplomas or certificates in their name. They are also given opportunities to advance and grow further. After all, with more credentials in their pockets, our associates can be assigned to an even broader range of jobs.



Before our systems leave the factory, they are thoroughly and repeatedly tested. We want to be sure that everything works perfectly; moreover, we have to perform various tests for the certification of our systems. At Demaco, we are not satisfied with anything less than perfect.

Installation & maintenance

After meticulous planning, design, and construction, the time for installation has come. Our experienced and motivated engineers install our infrastructures worldwide with the same dedication. The same engineers are also available for regular maintenance and checks. Installation times can vary from one day to several months.


Before delivery, all of our products are carefully documented. Not only is this required by our clients, but at Demaco, we also consider this essential. By, among other things providing certificates and comprehensive test reports, we demonstrate the quality of our work.


Cryogenics is a highly specialized field of work; hence there are quite a few certifications involved. All jobs must be precisely and safely performed; our certification guarantees that the same is true.

Demaco boasts an impressive list of certificates and is authorized to issue certificates. Since we obtained the PED modules H and H1 (according to the EU directive), we are endorsed to design, build and independently certify pressure equipment.


Project management

Demaco is a project organization. This implies that we do not only supply stand-alone products, but we also engage in complete or partial projects. As explained earlier on this page, we deliver ‘Turnkey’ solutions.

To offer our clients a single point of contact and ensure that the entire project is appropriately managed, we work with experienced project managers.

Our project managers ensure that every project proceeds correctly, exactly as ordered and planned. In other words, within budget and completed on time.


Vacuum technology

Besides advanced cryogenic services and products, Demaco also has its Vacuum Webshop. There you can find products for and related to the field of vacuum technology. Vacuum components like vacuum pumps, pressure gauges, mass-spectrometers, leak detection equipment, and much more is available from our webshop.

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